Whose metropolis?

The gentrified Kathmandu of Balen’s imagination, we are afraid, will be a city without a soul.

No point pretending

The state seeing loan shark victims in Parliament premises as a security issue should fool nobody.



Towards a prosperous and sustainable dairy future

The collaboration in the dairy sector between South Korea and Nepal is not just a local endeavour. It is a collective initiative that reflects the comprehensive approach of South Korea to enable the local communities of Kamalamai Municipality in Sindhuli to build their economic and social assets through the creation of jobs and women's empowerment.

Culture & Arts

On a wing and a prayer

I was a little nervous for my first paragliding experience, but once we took off, the surreal experience made me forget all about my nerves.

The forgotten hero

‘Bahadur Shah’ by Chiranjivi Wagle explores the unsung legacy of Prithvi Narayan Shah�...

Caring for cracked feet

Consultant Dermatologist Prarthana Adhikari discusses the causes and cures of heel fissure...