As it is

If only I had known life better

At 28, I wanted to give my hundred percent to work, impress my senior officers with my different ICT abilities. Then I had a brain stroke that defied my understanding of everything.

How are you doing?

Unexplained or multiple somatic symptoms are strongly associated with coexisting depressive and anxiety disorders.

Learning to touch yourself

Using menstrual cups can not only make menstrual experience cheaper and sustainable, but also normalise exploring one’s own reproductive system.

In bits and pieces

When trapped in the house for months, little things in life preserve your sanity, like a flock of pigeons and their gentle cooing.

Same old, same old

Here it starts again, every October, without reason or rhyme. Every act a mere repetition of what was done before; every speech a replica of what was said before.

Invalid recipient

We must have been just another Asian couple to their eyes. Because he could have been placed anywhere from the Middle-east to South Asia. And I could be placed anywhere from South to the Southeast of Asia.

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