Bake-free lime slice

This is a simple and easy treat to whip up, without an oven or too many ingredients--plus, you can customise it as you wish.

Keeping busy with baking

As the entire country collectively twiddles its thumbs, looking for things to do during the lockdown, some are taking online baking classes, following a global trend of online cooking tutorials.

Hantakalis, it’s time for a hiatus

Given all that’s happening, Hantakali is prudently refraining from going out to review any restaurants this week and is instead looking back on a year of eating.

Some things just don’t mix

Yum Yum Cafe in Jhamsikhel is one of the latest restaurants on the block, but how does it fare compared to the rest of the pan-Asian fare?

All about pork

For a restaurant that is apparently for sale, Noyoz delivers decent eastern Nepal-style food at a reasonable price point.

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