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CurrencyUnitBuying RateSelling Rate
Australia (Australian Dollar)183.860085.5400
Bahrain (Bahrain Dinar)1342.4200346.0200
Canada (Canadian Dollar)194.550095.9700
China (Chinese Yuan)118.180018.4000
Denmark (Danish Kroner)117.020017.6000
Hong Kong (Hongkong Dollar)116.430016.9200
India (Indian Rupees)11.60001.6015
Japan (Japanese Yen)108.97809.1220
Korea, Republic of (S. Korean Won)1008.98009.2500
Kuwait (Kuwaiti Dinar)1417.0400421.2100
Malaysia (Malaysian Ringgit)127.860028.2200
Qatar (Qatari Riyal)135.310036.0500
Saudi Arabia (Saudi Rial)134.200035.2300
Singapore (Singapore Dollar)190.340091.7000
Sweden (Swedish Kroner)111.570011.8600
Switzerland (Swiss Frank)1132.2600134.1100
Thailand (Thai Bhat)13.38003.4800
United Arab Emirates (UAE Dirham)135.000035.9800
United Kingdom (Pound Sterling)1144.5800146.4900
United States (Us Dollar)1129.9500130.5500

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