Have a confidential news tip?

The Kathmandu Post appreciates your help in covering a big story. We offer a few ways for you to get in touch with us and securely send messages, files and documents to the newsroom. 

There is no communication system that is 100% secure, but some of these platforms below will help protect your anonymity. Please strictly use these tools to send confidential tips—not for general feedback on our stories.

If you are a writer and want to pitch ideas, visit our How to Submit page. For general inquiries, please visit our Contact page.

What kind of tips are we looking for?

A great tip we can use to launch or further our reporting involves information about irregularities, corruption, or incidents that are newsworthy and have consequences—socially or politically.

What is a confidential tip?

These documents show that the company hasn’t been paying its VAT.

Here is evidence that the politician has been taking bribes to hand the bridge contract.

This is proof that the individual has been sexually harassing women in the office.

What we are NOT looking for:

There’s a pothole in front of my house.

I heard the shopkeeper mixes water in the milk every morning.

The Post’s editors will review the messages daily, but we cannot guarantee that each message will receive a response. Here's how to get in touch with us:

Secure Messaging (Number: +977 9801120074)

You can send us a secure message via WhatsApp or Signal, which encrypt the messages so only the sender and the recipient can see them.  To communicate with us, please install WhatsApp or Signal on your mobile device and add our number to your contacts list, from where you can send us a message. Please do not call us.

To learn more about how these messaging platforms work, you can read about the security features on WhatsApp's website and Signal's website.

ProtonMail ([email protected])

ProtonMail is an easy, secure email service built with end-to-end encryption, so your privacy is protected.

Postal Mail

If you want to try the old-fashioned snail mail, drop a letter in the postal office to the following address:

The Kathmandu Post

c/o Editor Biswas Baral

Central Business Park, 8th floor

Thapathali, Kathmandu


Consider mailing your package without a return address to maintain confidentiality and protect your identity.