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Sex, pleasure, and intimacy

‘Good Luck to you, Leo Grande’ is a feminist portrayal of an intimate relationship between two individuals, one in her fifties and the other in his twenties.

Staying true to the art

For a musician who has put out one hit song after another for almost nine years, Bipul Chettri doesn’t consider music as his career.

The dancer who defied odds

The son of two farm labourers, Jagadish Gurung, popularly known as JD Tamu, relied on his hard work, determination, and grit to become one of the most popular names in Nepal’s dance choreography scene.

Entrapped in their beauty

Artist Sushma Shakya’s latest solo exhibition, ‘Chen: Overlooked Reality,’ attempts to emphasise the relationship between nature’s five elements, humans, and their houses.

A mural for Satya Mohan Joshi

For the past four months, a team of paubha artists, at the request of the centenarian writer and historian Joshi, have been hard at work making a large-scale mural of Chakrasamvara, a Buddhist deity representing Vajrayana philosophy.

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