Domenico Nordio: ‘I love the stage more than I love the music’

Domenico Nordio started playing the violin at the age of eight. His parents were not musicians, but his uncle played the instrument. “One day, my uncle gave me the instrument asking if I would want to try it,” says Nordio, 48. “And I’ve been playing it ever since. It’s as simple as that.”

Bhajans with a twist

They start playing a tune that is starkly similar to Aruna Lama’s timeless classic ‘Eh kanchha malai sunko tara khasai deu na’, but if you listen attentively, you will notice the romantic verses of the song have been replaced by ‘Hai Krishna malai mitho bansi sunaideu na.’

Daenerys might have won King’s Landing, but will Jon Snow take it from her?

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones was a cinematic joy, laden with artistic and foreboding shots, but frustrating and heart-breaking all the same. The writers don’t take long to slaughter the only true man of the people, Lord Varys, for working in the public's interest. Daenerys finds out he’s sharing Jon Snow’s true lineage, and with a quick ‘dracarys’ she incinerates the dear eunuch. Luckily, he sent a revelatory note to someone through one of his little birds, but where it went no one knows.

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