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To live in hope

Kathmandu moulds you into someone who easily adjusts. You learn to adjust inside public vehicles. You learn to adjust while waiting to receive your license. You learn to not raise your voice when you are stopped for countless hours for some VIP. You learn to spill your dissatisfaction with friends over a three-hundred-rupee latte in an air-conditioned café. You learn to leave these conversations with even more disillusionment than when you entered.

Confronting the quake trauma

On the day of the earthquake, I was with a research team in the mid-west Nepal. We were waiting for a person inside an office building. Having just received an earthquake response training few weeks back, I was aware of the building’s vulnerability.

Drinking in the Nepali language

As a ‘kuire’ living in Nepal, the Nepali language has always been something I know I should learn. Having spent six months of 2018 in Kathmandu, the fact I could only master and muster ‘raksi dinusna’ and ‘arko euta’ was my shame.

What it takes to have a wedding in style

In Nepal, it always feels like wedding season. Barring a few short months, weddings take place all year around, as astrologers chart out a litany of auspicious dates. And Kathmandu’s booming middle class tends to leave no stone unturned when it comes to weddings, selling homes and property, digging into savings and even going into debt to give their children a ceremony like no other.

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