Home is where the heart is

In the latest exhibition by Siddhartha Galley, artists Jagdish Moktan and Priyanka Singh Maharajan not only create personal artworks, but also experiment in medium and approach.

In between ideas and feelings

Gallery Mcube's latest exhibition ‘MAATO’ is manifestations of concepts that reflect contrasting takes on the medium of clay by artists Sushila Singh and Zoe Williams.

Celebrating the art in nudity

Curated by Roshan Mishra and Kapil Mani Dixit, ‘The Virtually Nude Show’ is a thoughtful virtual exhibition that tries to break away from the conventional connotations attached to nudity in art.

Embracing tranquillity through sunyata

The first physical art exhibition in Kathmandu since March, ‘A Single Brushstroke’, at Siddhartha Art Gallery, exhibits brilliant monochromatic Chan paintings by Jerome Edou that capture the voidness, peace and emptiness of nature.

A celebration of diversity

Although not perfect, the exhibition, Allegory, is filled with diverse artworks from artists from different cultural and social backgrounds, whose varied experiences and perspectives add new impact in the artworks.

Treasuring the mythical

The ongoing virtual art exhibition ‘Divya’, organised by Tulikaa, is an exceptionally well-curated exhibition that celebrates the talent of 17 traditional artists.

Art in the age of Covid-19

Gallery Mcube’s ‘Made in Mind Series II’, a virtual, video exhibition surrounding the pandemic, has put together the works of 52 artists from across the world.

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