When even two is a crowd

With two different exhibitions--Young Artists Show and Woodcut Printmaking Show--Gallery Mcube is currently displaying impactful, diverse works of 42 artists. But the showcasing of so many works can become overwhelming for the viewer.

Bringing art and science together

Neera Joshi Pradhan is perhaps Nepal’s only botanical illustrator capturing the character, details, aesthetics and scientific accuracy of flora. Her journey has been solitary but priceless.

From the eyes of a woman

Open for public viewing since International Women’s Day, the exhibition ‘Inspired’ displays the works of nine women artists who have laid bare their stories, culture and perspectives on canvas.

At Van Gogh room, connect with art

The pandemic had isolated the art world. But as life returns to normal, Tulikaa Kala’s solo exhibition series ‘Kholo: A cycle of life’ is opening doors--and minds--to diverse experiences and outlooks on life.

Think twice, what did you feel

The latest exhibition ‘Contemporary Art of Nepal’ brings diversity from 29 contemporary and four emerging artists--and also makes it eminent that people are now expecting more from Nepali artists.

Home is where the heart is

In the latest exhibition by Siddhartha Galley, artists Jagdish Moktan and Priyanka Singh Maharajan not only create personal artworks, but also experiment in medium and approach.

In between ideas and feelings

Gallery Mcube's latest exhibition ‘MAATO’ is manifestations of concepts that reflect contrasting takes on the medium of clay by artists Sushila Singh and Zoe Williams.

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