An exciting escapade

There was a natural juxtaposition right in front of our eyes. The sight of endless concrete lay lifeless far below on one side. On the other, the greenery of the hills was full of life and hope.

Dudh Kunda’s divine duende

At an elevation of 4,561 metres and located at the base of the Numbur Himal, the pond is one of the lesser-explored trekking destinations in the country.

The allure of Annapurna

A trek to the Annapurna Base Camp is arduous, featuring steep trails and extreme weather. But the view of the mountains more than makes up for the toil.

Finding familiarity in Ghiling

The sense of community, of belongingness, is so pronounced in the people of Ghiling that you too feel like a part of them no matter how long, or short, your stay.

Ruby Valley, an underexplored gem

Sandwiched between Manaslu Conservation Area and Langtang National Park, the picturesque Ruby Valley boasts scenic mountain views, quaint villages, and hospitable people.

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