Conquering boredom 2.0

Streaming concerts and virtually touring museums only scratch the surface. There are other ways to have fun while staying home.

A feast for the eyes

There's something addictive about scrolling through the vlogs of food bloggers—all those mouth-watering culinary creations and recipes to try yourself, watching them cook is like a hobby in itself.

Wedding in the time of pandemic

Whether you’re Zoom-ing in from home or zooming out to attend one in person, the standard rules of COVID-19 prevention are still very important during this wedding season.

Home with the pets

Some are reveling in the constant attention that comes with their families being marooned at home whereas some don’t seem to have any idea that their owners’ routines have changed—or if they do, they don’t care.

Build your own herb garden

Owning an herb garden will save you a quick trip to the nearest vegetable vendor and bring the freshness of the season to your kitchen.

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