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We must have been just another Asian couple to their eyes. Because he could have been placed anywhere from the Middle-east to South Asia. And I could be placed anywhere from South to the Southeast of Asia.


Of onions and potatoes

The need for Nepal to become self-sufficient in vegetables cannot be overemphasised.


It's the environment, stupid

The consequences of considering the environment as an enemy of development will be at our own peril.

The Plague redux

Albert Camus’ novel from 1947 provides a peek into the absurdity of human behaviour and the inherent failure of authority when faced with a disease crisis.

The intent of elite imitation

Most movements that have sprung up in Kathmandu since 2015 have been staged by the urban bourgeoisie to show their presence rather than register genuine grievances.


Cycling to change

The pandemic has given us an opportunity to reimagine urban planning and design.


Net the ‘big fish’

The CIAA must begin cracking down on large-scale corruption issues with a system-based approach.

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