Too hot to handle

As heat waves leave everyone vulnerable, one solution could be rescheduling work hours.

The Modi decade

It is far from clear that India is prepared to handle a conflict with China or Pakistan (or both).


The Koshi crisis

Provincial representatives of parties must get the centre’s full support to come to a settlement.


Got the guts?

RSP lawmakers have a chance to set a sterling precedent by rejecting CDF funds for its lawmakers.

All is not well

Genuine grievances continue to haunt Nepal-India ties, but our institutional lapses must be fixed first.


Beyond the optics

India will struggle to win Nepali hearts unless it is seen as working in Nepal’s interest.


Life in a warming world

Even seemingly simple solutions like using paper and cloth bags instead of polythene ones have not been implemented.


Inhumane cost of labour

The violation of the free-visa, free-ticket policy for Nepali workers is one reason for their suffering.


A home for all

If our identities are fluid, citizenship cannot remain dictated by archaic divisions and anxiety of otherness.

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