Grow your own

When it comes to staples, Nepal needs to get back to its roots.

We shall overcome

Faced with this unprecedented virus, how long will it be before America makes a vaccine and anti-viral drug?


Health and federalism

The federal government must work in tandem with the provincial and local governments.


Silent at the top

During times of crisis, clear information from the government is reassuring--especially from the very top.


Amid the outbreak

The government is preparing to circumvent procurement laws, roping in the Army in the process.

Notes from a lockdown

Measures taken to fight this pandemic show that our approach to policymaking must be humanistic as much as it should be scientific.

Out to lunch

The world is witnessing a pandemic but governments everywhere have failed to live up to the challenge.


Making money off misery

The government must be wrong to believe that citizens can't hold it to account while in quarantine.

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