Rejuvenating wisely

The government must impose strict restrictions on public gatherings for festivals and rituals.


Watch the birds

The feathered friends are key to conservation as their ecological roles far supersede human capacities.


The chase for gold

The connivance of security officers in yellow metal smuggling exposes the faultlines of policing in Nepal.

Political drama in Nepal

The political spectacle concerning the ruling party that is currently overwhelming public discourse has all the components of a theatre play.


By the time I finish telling my favourite umbrella story, we’ve managed to hail a taxi and gotten in. I knew it was going to be a story with a happy ending, you say.


Return of the tigers

Political will to fulfil international commitments will be Nepal’s ultimate test to meet conservation goals.


End snakebite deaths

Sitting on data and doing nothing about it is a problem bigger than any public health issue that plagues Nepal.


Go local

The government must create a support system for local farmers rather than continue to import agro products.

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