Victims of negligence

Most of the relief work usually falls on the shoulders of ordinary citizens rather than the state.


Queues and chaos

Every wave seems to expose our lack of preparedness, always leaving things to be done at the eleventh hour.


On to the polls

The Election Commission should be allowed to decide when it wants to hold the polls.

Redrawing the map

Territorial issues between countries are as challenging to resolve as claims over land ownership between squabbling siblings.


Breaching the barrier

Incidents of human and wildlife conflicts will exist, but we need to minimise such incidents to protect both species.

Stagflation looms large

Decreasing remittances, dwindling forex reserves and widening balance of payment deficit are impossible to be reversed overnight.


Migrants return

The reverse movement of migrants can be perceived either as a problem or an opportunity by the authorities.

A matter of pride

Over the last few decades, there is very little Nepal has accomplished as a nation, worthy of admiration.


The right to live

The misuse of technology to enforce sex-selective abortion needs to stop.

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