December 07, 2019

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Mar 21 - Apr 19

**You have many different visions of what you want the next year of your life to be, and you won’t get anywhere with any of them unless you pick one idea and stick with it! Being indecisive is understandable, for a while. But you can’t carry on too long without knowing where to go next.

Apr 20 - May 20

****Someone is stepping into your territory today, but as threatened as you might feel by them, this is no day to engage in any kind of power struggle. You’re better than they are in so many ways, and they are well aware of this. Their tactics are only going to backfire on them, so you don’t have to worry about reprimanding them.

May 21 - Jun 20

****When was the last time you felt truly challenged? Get your fix today by embracing unfamiliar things. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Engage with unfamiliar philosophies, explore new cultures, music or religions. You will find a whole new way of thinking!

Jun 21 - Jul 22

**Sure, any impulse buys you make today might provide temporary relief for your symptoms, but they definitely won’t fix the underlying cause. Save your money for another day and use it for something useful. You’ll get much more value of out it. Retail therapy is not a very effective way of dealing with issues.

Jul 23 - Aug 22

****Rambling about your accomplishments doesn’t make a good impression on people, but you can’t avoid being proud of yourself just because you think you’re going to bug a few people. Share your accomplishments with the people who care about you, and they’ll be delighted and happy to congratulate you.

Aug 23 - Sep 22

*****Instead of getting embarrassed when someone points out the good things you did, you’ll get a great sense of pride. This is as it should be—and it’s a sure sign that you are growing in the right direction. As your ego grows sturdier, your ability to be open-minded grows stronger. You’ll no longer take things as personally as you used to.

Sep 23 - Oct 22

***A new adventure is beginning today, but you might not invited. This minor inconvenience shouldn’t stop you. Just use your creativity to figure a way to elbow your way in on the fun. Luckily, your mind is a creative fountain, bubbling up with unique ways to get yourself an engraved invitation to the inner circle.

Oct 23 - Nov 21

*When everyone’s laughing today, you won’t find things so funny. It may feel like you’re missing out on the joke, but don’t let it unnerve you. You’re just a bit out of synch as you’re preoccupied with your own work. It’s going to take you a while to get back into the swing of things, so be patient with yourself.

Nov 22 - Dec 21

***It’s no secret that having a positive attitude will attract more positive people to you. So why aren’t you grinning from ear to ear? You want more good energy around you, and it’s up to you to get it. Turn your attitude into a positive one, and soon enough you will be surrounded by people who can add to your good mood.

Dec 22 - Jan 19

**It’s not news that money gives you power—but it also gives you responsibility. Are you fully aware of the responsibilities that you’ve taken on? It’s impossible to take your finances too seriously right now. There are a few unpaid bills that you haven’t factored into your budget, and today is a good day.

Jan 20 - Feb 18

****Have recent events confused you? If you are not understanding why things are happening as they are, then it’s time for you to spend some time sorting through recent events. Today you will have the clarity you need to start seeing some patterns which will help you get your life back on track.

Feb 19 - Mar 20

***The friendly competition between you and another intellectual is getting friendlier and friendlier. Maybe there could be a mutual attraction brewing here? Take time today to investigate this possibility. You could be mistaking their respect for your intellect with an attraction, so be very careful.