The feminine superpower

Deepak S Rana’s new work is a Nepali historical fiction that delves into the country’s enigmatic history, eclectic traditions, and unique socio-cultural fabrics.

Living in the world of books

‘Nonfiction helps you in characterising and painting a truthful picture of society. You scrutinise social realities and learn to critically assess them.’

Learning acceptance through books

Manushi Yami Bhattarai, a political leader and social activist, discusses her old relationship with reading, the escape it provides and the ever-increasing importance of reading for today’s youth.

For the love of language

Felicity Volk, a diplomat and novelist, shares about her first love, which is writing, and how reading has helped her excel in both careers

Reflections on politics and society

Greatly influenced by his maternal uncle Sushil Pyakurel, Kundan Aryal started reading on politics the day he was introduced to the world of books other than his course material.

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