Foreign policy fault lines

Nirupama Rao’s ‘The Fractured Himalaya’ is a well-researched authoritative book on strained India-China relations precipitated by Tibetan developments.

Children’s literature for social change

To inculcate a reading habit among children and make them aware of their social environs, several Nepal-based organisations have focused on publishing children’s books that tell stories of the country’s diverse social realities.

Book on Tharu culture published

A Dang-based Tharu organisation has published ‘Tharu Sanskritik Darpan’ in an effort to conserve the traditional cultural aspects of the community.

Against Islamophobia

A Palestinian immigrant writer's new novel exposes the fault lines of the 'melting pot' that is America.

Ramite: Who is the fairgoer?

By using multiple narrators, the author, who is also the leader of the musical band, Night, anchors us to his fictional world with the sumptuous use of deictic expressions.

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