When Manav met Mayaavi

Shilpee Theatre’s recent play ‘Tranzit’—written by Kumar Nagarkoti—is about a crummy playwright with a little too vivid imagination.

A whirlwind of emotions

Mandala Theatre’s ongoing play ‘Hiu Bhanda Chiso’ transports the viewer to a night of existential frenzy at an isolated village in the far west.

Mannered monkey maketh man

Studio 7’s adaptation of Franz Kafka’s story ‘A Report to an Academy’ is an ode to the absurd and a poignant monologue on human frailty.

Facing our demons

‘Chyattiyeko Parda’—which translates to ‘The Torn Curtain’— revolves around a father’s death and how each family member navigates the loss.

Che Guevara reimagined

Purano Ghar Theatre’s ‘Che is Back’ tries to contextualise Guevara’s revolutionary spirit within the Nepali sphere, but something is amiss.

Where dreams go to die

Go Win Productions’ adaptation of Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ is emotionally charged and sincerely executed.

A play based on pandemic woes

Through 'Dhalkeko Salaijo', director and writer Aashant Sharma attempts to tell a story of a family reeling under immense financial challenges because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

An exceptional one-man show

Kausi Theatre’s ‘Harek Babal Kura’ is a heart-warming tale that highlights the issue of mental health with the utmost sensitivity.

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