Sugam Gautam

Gautam is a writer from Pokhara.

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At Indrawati’s expense

Whenever Raju thought about the cherished moments, his awareness slowly drifted to the derelict village of Ghachok, where his wife toiled to pursue their dreams.

Learning the city way

Sitting cross-legged on the grass and holding each other’s hands, both Raju and Rukmini lost track of time.

A day out in Pame

Rukmini had everything Raju wished to achieve in his life. He had the family she always wanted.

Threads of hope

Rukmini was going through a rough patch until, one day, a stocky man stepped onto her pavement, searching for a job to keep his life going in the city of riches.

The servant’s entry

Raju, hailing from the countryside, had no prior acquaintances in the city until he befriended a resourceful fruit vendor.

Election fever

As Sakuntala lay on her bed, she found herself reflecting on her life and questioning her purpose.

Politics above family

After spending years abroad, Anup returns to Nepal and finds himself caught between his mother’s desire for him to marry and his father’s unexpected political ambitions.

A chance encounter

Every day, my feet dragged my body to Lakeside to find stories and interesting characters that might spice up my writing.

For the love of politics

When Mr Pandey spoke, even the street vendors would pause and stare as if his wisdom would resolve all of their problems.

Entangled illusions

Sometimes Jivan wondered how inappropriate it was to adore a woman who was already married, but he couldn’t control how he felt about Mrs Joshi.

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