Sugam Gautam

Gautam is a writer from Pokhara.

Latest from Sugam Gautam

For the love of politics

When Mr Pandey spoke, even the street vendors would pause and stare as if his wisdom would resolve all of their problems.

Entangled illusions

Sometimes Jivan wondered how inappropriate it was to adore a woman who was already married, but he couldn’t control how he felt about Mrs Joshi.

The first date

All my nervousness over the date dissipated the moment we held each other’s hands.

A brief elation

When Dipak started helping Sarala with her assignment, he felt the urge to get to know her better.

A surprise gift

For the last few years, Radha had been urging her husband, Gopal, to buy a washing machine.

Towards the city

It was beginning to dawn on Krishna that the idea of borrowing money was terrible, but he had no other choice than to borrow money.

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