Ankit Khadgi

Ankit Khadgi is culture and arts reporter for The Kathmandu Post. He previously worked for The Himalayan Times.

Latest from Ankit Khadgi

Breathing life into movies

In a landscape where the significance of sound in movies is neglected, Uttam Neupane, an award-winning sound mixer and designer, is creating sounds for Nepali movies that drive the story forward.

‘Dancing gives you strength’

Keshav Thapa talks about his experience of working as a choreographer in Nepal, his approach to choreography and why he believes that everyone should dance.

Home is where the heart is

In the latest exhibition by Siddhartha Galley, artists Jagdish Moktan and Priyanka Singh Maharajan not only create personal artworks, but also experiment in medium and approach.

How a few YouTubers are making farming easy

From tutorials of harvesting cash and food crops to videos of preparing food for cattle, a few Nepali farmers and agricultural experts are using social media to disseminate information related to farming and agriculture.

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