Bibek Adhikari

Adhikari is a student of English Language and Literature in Tribhuvan University.

Latest from Bibek Adhikari

The relic

Fire consumed your letter,Curling its soft words into ashes. I gathered the soot and framed youIn a floating candle bowl

You say love

You wrap me around your arms,You whisper soft, secret words. You put your mouth on my mouth,You hiss the word, “Love.”

The Meat God

In the beginning of the end was that desire Swarming, exuberant, wriggling: like newborn maggots

Best of both worlds

He joins a private high school in 2010 and goes to a government college in 2012. It is amidst this crazy tumult of his late teens that he sees, albeit hazily, what kind of future lies in front of him.


His eyes followed the thread of the lines, lingered at some stanza breaks, and retraced its path from the end to the beginning.

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