A pandemic of hunger

Stepping up efforts to ensure food security for all is essential to preventing the Covid-19 crisis from becoming a humanitarian calamity.

Killer corruption

Movement restrictions and office closures have hamstrung the anti-corruption work of oversight bodies, activists and the press.

Plans after the pandemic

Nepalis knew all along that the economy, based largely on remittance, is unsustainable. But we never realised that it would meet such a chaotic fate.

No going back

Out of the desperation and urgency of the pandemic, governments can affect great change by promoting social entrepreneurship.

Maelstrom of collective narcissism

The task of tackling the challenges of governance seldom goes with neo-nationalism; Oli has found another issue to distract from his poor record.

Crossing the border

The motor vehicle agreement between Nepal, Bangladesh and India has potential--but it, unfortunately, may go the same route as SAARC.

The lockdown budget

The government needs to reassess budget priorities, but it seems reluctant to listen to sound advice.

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