Abhi Subedi

Abhi Subedi is a poet, playwright and a columnist.

Latest from Abhi Subedi

A long way to go

Nepali cinema is grappling with the fundamental questions of experiments marketing of cinema.

The SAARC Buddha

Artists from South Asian countries cannot allow the comatose state of one regional organisation to influence their willingness to collaborate.

Quake in Nepali history

When the earth shook in 2015, the politicians were suitably rattled to conclude they should promulgate the constitution.

Academics and political wallow

Academics, if they are not sincere and serious, will always find somebody or some institution to act as scapegoats for their own non-academic actions.

Of communists and farmlands

It is not the exodus of the youth to foreign jobs, but the communist government’s neglect of land reforms that has undermined agriculture.

Border conundrum and Renu

Underneath the rigidity of political borders in South Asia is the fluid poetic border—and it governs our culture and history

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