Monsoon Mayhem

Lack of attention from the authorities and inability to come up with sustainable solutions have made daily movement in monsoons risky for many.

LGBTQI activists demand inclusivity

To mark International Women’s day, Queer Youth Group organised a pride parade in the Capital, demanding the women rights movement to be inclusive of intersex women, transgender women and women of diverse sexual orientations beyond heterosexuality.

How to make lapsi and radish pickle from scratch

This time Thomas learns how to make not just one but two much-loved pickles in Nepal, lapsi and radish pickle. Guiding him in this journey is Pashupati Gurung from ĀMĀKO. To know whether he nailed or failed it, watch the full video.

11 Questions with the actor and dancer Deeya Maskey

Deeya Maskey is a well-known actor and dancer. She is popular as one of the judges in Himalayan Roadies. The Post asked her one good thing about Nepali cinema and 10 more fun questions. Watch the entire video to know the answers.

11 Questions with Prajwol Thapa Magar a.k.a. Jholey

This time The Post asked the young cinematographer and photographer Prajwol Thapa Magar, also known as Jholey, what he bought with his first salary and 10 more questions. Watch the video to know the answers.

Learn to make momo like a pro

In the fourth episode of "A Kiwi's Culinary Adventure in Nepal", Thomas tries his hands at making buff momo, a.k.a. momocha, from scratch.

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