Podcast Picks with Archana Thapa

Thapa is the founder of the publishing house Akshar Creations. She has also authored four books, including ‘Kathputala’ and ‘Smriti Kathama Sattwa’.

Book Recommendation: Richa Bhattarai

Bhattarai is the author of ‘15 and three-quarters’, an anthology of short stories. She is also the executive member and communications officer of Nepal Literature Festival.

Podcast Picks with Avash Ghimire

Ghimire is a popular sports commentator focusing on football and cricket. He is also a content creator who recently launched his own sports podcast called ‘Colors of the Game’.

Singer and actor Robin Tamang passes away

Tamang, the frontman of the Nepali rock band ‘Robin and the New Revolution’, had established himself as a prominent musician with his lively presence, both on stage and on the silver screen.

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