Each circle darker than the other

The novel, then, is a minute observation of a dysfunctional family. A family which, to begin with, was the quintessentially happy, educated, cultured Bengali couple with their beloved son.

Reflections and confessions

The book also includes graphic and candid depictions of adolescent psycho-sexual experiences. Description of romantic imaginings with the opposite sex, obsession with the posters of a Bollywood star—Rani Mukerji—and the passion and amatory emotions that these posters aroused in him are vivid and identifiable.

When less is more

A failing, disgruntled, middle-aged writer travels the world to forget his beloved, and finds love again where he least expects it Nothing unique about the concept

Emotionally charged, vividly illustrated

Khaled Hosseini is remarkable for telling tales about the bonds that cement people together and shape our lives; how we define each other; and the choices we make that resonate through history.

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