Prashanta Khanal

Khanal works on issues related to urban transportation, air quality management and sustainable cities.

Latest from Prashanta Khanal

Mind the road

Winter is here, and the air in Kathmandu has already started becoming unhealthy to breathe. The air quality will reach hazardous levels during the peak winter days. The use of cars and motorbikes has been increasing rapidly.

Pedalling for healthier cities

That Kathmandu’s traffic congestion and air quality is reaching a tipping point is no secret. Successive governments have come and gone; all failing to address the crucial issue of how to make urban transportation safe, convenient and environment-friendly.

Actions speak louder than words

Nations convened in Marrakech, Morocco last month to maintain momentum on the global deal signed in Paris last December with an aim to keep global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius since pre-industrial times.

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