Congress blocks replacement bill

With the House of Representatives failing to begin discussion on Sunday on the Bill to replace the National Medical Education Ordinance, the government may need to go for alternatives as there is no possibility of the July 4 deadline for presidential seal for the legislation being met.The government was planning to endorse the bill through the parliamentary process by July 3 by suspending the rule so that it could be signed into law on July 4. But that did not happen after the main opposition stood against suspension of the rule. Congress blocks replacement bill
Tika R Pradhan
Published at : July 2, 2018
Updated at : July 2, 2018 15:07

Tika R Pradhan

Tika R Pradhan is a senior political correspondent for the Post, covering politics, parliament, judiciary and social affairs. Pradhan joined the Post in 2016 after working at The Himalayan Times for more than a decade.