Lives of rural trans women in Madhesh

Blue Diamond Society’s photovoice exhibit ‘Sweekar’ presents the raw, unfiltered experiences of rural trans women, highlighting their struggles and resilience.

Fleeting experiences

‘In Search of Vanishing Identities’ by Wang Lama explores the environmental and cultural erosion of the Himalayan region.

Divine inspiration

The exhibit explores timeless fusion of heritage and creativity as Nepal’s century-old mythology unfolds in a captivating tale of fine and contemporary artistry.

Art for social change

Ranju Yadav has overcome many personal and social obstacles to become a celebrated artist, with a focus on Mithila art.

Mind, monks and monkeys

Sahil Bhopal encourages the viewer to embrace the discipline of a monk and the curiosity of a monkey in order to attain equanimity at his ongoing exhibition.

Compassion on canvas

Tibetan Thangka master and contemporary artist Anay Ngawang Chodak’s ongoing exhibition explores the depths of compassion and wisdom in humans.

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