Sophia L Pandé

Pandé is Director of Development at KVPT. She founded its education outreach programme in 2017. She has consulted with IFC and UNESCO, and has been a long running columnist for the Nepali Times and The Post.

Latest from Sophia L Pandé

Through her third eye

Consisting of stunning arrays of large canvases and sculptures across mediums, Pramila Giri’s third exhibition at the NAC is an encounter that is close to sacred.

For the love of art

The stories of the greatest artists are often those of adversity and speaking to Gopal Shrestha, the “Kalapremi”, or Art Lover, an epithet the artist uses himself to signify his life’s passion, is a rare experience for an art historian.

Nepal at the India Art Fair in 2018

In Nepal’s third year at the prestigious and now very healthily populated India Art Fair (happening in Delhi from February 9-12, 2018), the Nepal Art Council (NAC) will be taking the works of seven very different artists who will be displayed at the Nepal Booth in the “Platform” section.

Two architects, a palace and a museum

A few weeks ago, at the Taragaon Museum—a venue that is rendered magical by its architecture—Götz Hagmüller released A Picture Book of My Life, a two-volume book telling his extraordinary story in pictures.

The Man Who Knew So Much

When I first approached Sukra Sagar Shrestha for an interview regarding the Char Narayan Temple earlier this year, he initially declined the request, thinking I was a journalist. He did not want any such attention.

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