Pinki Sris Rana

Pinki Sris Rana is a Culture and Arts reporter at the Kathmandu Post.

Latest from Pinki Sris Rana

‘Music has no language’

Bhuchung Sherap’s latest song, ‘Achala’, is one of the few Tibetan songs from Nepal to break the language barrier and become a big hit among those who don’t understand Tibetan.

From a radio icon to a literary star

For years, people knew Naba Raj Lamsal for his works as a popular radio host, but winning this year’s Madan Puraskar for his epic ‘Agni’ has helped give him newfound recognition as a writer.

Staying true to the art

For a musician who has put out one hit song after another for almost nine years, Bipul Chettri doesn’t consider music as his career.

The dancer who defied odds

The son of two farm labourers, Jagadish Gurung, popularly known as JD Tamu, relied on his hard work, determination, and grit to become one of the most popular names in Nepal’s dance choreography scene.

Answering the call of the mountains

A trip to Everest Base Camp in 2017 kindled Purnima Shrestha’s love for the mountains. But unlike most people, she took this love much further by climbing seven of Nepal’s tallest mountains in just five years.

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