Pinki Sris Rana

Pinki Sris Rana was a Culture and Arts reporter at the Kathmandu Post.

Latest from Pinki Sris Rana

Mental health in a new light

Kausi Theatre’s recent line-up is the story of a troubled teenage girl. It is inspired by the writer-director Aashant Sharma’s personal experiences.

Expect the unexpected with Kta Haru

Many know Kta Haru either for their song ‘Bagaicha’ or their latest hit ‘Jhamjham Paryo Pani’ but they have been in Nepali music scene for five years already, making original songs.

Personal yet universal

Amrit Karki, an emerging visual artist, talks about exploring rather unconventional mediums for his art in Nepal’s already niche art market.

Aftershock: A Labour of Love

Pooja Pant, one of the producers of the Netflix documentary miniseries ‘Aftershock’ based on Nepal’s 2015 earthquakes, has been using the visual medium for activism for two decades now.

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