Laxmi Sah

Laxmi Sah is the Bara correspondent for Kantipur Media Group.

Latest from Laxmi Sah

Rainstorm leaves 27 dead, more than 400 injured

The death toll from the devastating windstorm that struck Bara and Parsa districts reached 27 as of Monday evening, while more than 400 people were injured and hundreds of families were rendered homeless.

Poor families in Bara drinking unsafe water

The majority of the impoverished families living in Harpur village, Pachrauta Municipality-1 of Bara district remain without access to safe drinking water. They are compelled to drink groundwater with arsenic content--a poisonous metal in water.

Teacher on the run after student’s death in Kalaiya

Police are after a school teacher accused in the death of a student at Kalaiya Sub Metropolis-1 in Bara district. The parents of 13-year-old Ajaya Kumar Mandal has lodged a police complaint, accusing Sonalal Yadav of severely caning their son that led to his death on Monday.

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