Police search Bomjan’s ashram

Police searched one ashram of the controversial ascetic Ram Bahadur Bomjan in the forest of Indrawati Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchok, on Friday, following complaints by the relatives of people who have been missing from his shelter for years. Police search Bomjan’s ashram
Anish Tiwari & Nayak Paudel
Published at : January 5, 2019
Updated at : January 5, 2019 14:29
Kathmandu, Sindhupalchok

Anish Tiwari

Anish Tiwari is the Sindhupalchok correspondent for Kantipur Publications.

Nayak Paudel

Nayak Paudel is a crime reporter for The Kathmandu Post. Since joining the Post in 2018, he has also written on health issues.