PM Oli’s six months: A train track to nowhere

When Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli assumed office on February 15, many Nepalis were hopeful that the first powerful and stable government in decades would steer the country forward properly. PM Oli’s six months: A train track to nowhere
Tika R Pradhan & Anil Giri
Published at : August 17, 2018
Updated at : August 19, 2018 15:29

Tika R Pradhan

Tika R Pradhan is a senior political correspondent for the Post, covering politics, parliament, judiciary and social affairs. Pradhan joined the Post in 2016 after working at The Himalayan Times for more than a decade.

Anil Giri

Anil Giri is a reporter covering diplomacy, international relations and national politics for The Kathmandu Post. Giri has been working as a journalist for a decade-and-a-half, contributing to numerous national and international media outlets.