Rukusha Giri

Giri is an Arts and Culture reporter at the Post. She is pursuing her bachelor's degree at Apex College.

Latest from Rukusha Giri

All about vitiligo

Dermatologist Sagar GC dispels misconceptions about the condition and explains its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Italian delights at L’italiano

The restaurant in the heart of Jhamsikhel, promises a memorable dining experience with an inviting ambience and a menu offering exquisite pizzas and pasta.

Her trail to triumph

Sky and trail running sensation Mira Rai has achieved international acclaim through victories in renowned races across the globe, breaking records and earning accolades such as the ‘National Geographic Adventurer of the Year’.

Understanding conduct disorder

Sandesh Dhakal, lecturer at the Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, details the causes, consequences and ways to control the disorder.

The power of lifting

Fitness instructor Tony Prajapati details the fundamentals of lifting and its benefits for physical and mental health.

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