Abhimanyu Dixit

Dixit is a filmmaker, film educator and film campaigner based in Kathmandu.

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An unintentional parody

Based on its trailer, I was hoping Captain would be a sports drama, but what I got was honestly something I wasn’t prepared for Captain is an ugly parody of the beautiful genre of sports films.

Mainstreaming homosexuality

For as long as films have been made, one basic narrative form, also known as the ‘Classical Hollywood Narrative’, has been the norm—there’s a hero, who is male, and he falls in love with a heroine, who is female.

Irresponsible and immature

In the digital age, Nepali filmmakers seem to believe they have to cultivate their audience—either by cashing in on the fame of a ‘superstar’, presenting a ‘unique story’, or tapping into contemporary mores.

Shah Rukh Khan as Shah Rukh Khan

Superstars are made by the audience. For a film, they are a bankable element that will, regardless of the story or script, guarantee a great audience, in the first three days of the film’s release, at least. In India, audiences are segregated between ‘single screen’ and ‘multiplexes’.

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