Foreign filmmakers sell Nepal as a paradise of ‘sob stories’—and Nepali filmmakers follow

The portrayal of Nepalis as poor, hungry, Mount Everest-climbing, uneducated people is not a result of what the people chose to share with the world but because that’s what filmmakers decided was worth telling.
If Nepal is not portrayed as a land of mystical and exotic powers, like in the 2016 film Doctor Strange or Caravan (1999), the country is shown as one of the poorest nations in the world that needs a white savior, like in the 2014 film Sold.  Screengrabs via YouTube
Abhimanyu Dixit
Published at : October 17, 2020
Updated at : October 18, 2020 12:59

Abhimanyu Dixit

Dixit is a filmmaker, film educator and film campaigner based in Kathmandu.