Officials sleep as victims weep

The curtains are open. A Bollywood music video plays on the laptop as Arjun Bhandara snuggles under the sheet with his earphones on. It is a completely new setting for him in Cabin 315 of the Neuro/Medical ward at the Teaching Hospital, but the 20-year-old who recently came out of coma is unaware of everything around him. He does not remember anything or make sense of why he does not have his right leg anymore. Officials sleep as victims weep
Nayak Paudel
Published at : December 6, 2018
Updated at : December 7, 2018 07:40

Nayak Paudel

Nayak Paudel is a crime reporter for The Kathmandu Post. Since joining the Post in 2018, he has also written on health issues.