Fiction Park

Floods and stories

In the alleyways of Patan, the houses are pressed against each other like books on a bookshelf. Things keep breaking and stories keep spilling.

A father’s sacrifices

After his wife’s death, Tirtha refused to remarry and decided to raise his young children on his own.

Strange love

What started out as a friendship between Raman and Nita quickly turned into love.

I had a dream

The streets are full of mad dogs and smothering dandelions, blood-thirsty coyotes and lecherous humans-turned-monsters.

The ropeway

How a young girl fought against all odds to reach a position to help others like her.

The young widow

Like everyone else, Menuka wanted to lead a happy life but fate had different plans for her.

Around and around we go

I enter the small room and find myself in the presence of a mountain of files covered in a thick film of dust. There's no one else in the room.


I feel the coldness of the bed which prompts the thought in my mind that she has been gone long.

The wheel of time

I wear the uniform of the character I will be playing for the rest of the day. There are times I wonder how an act so distant from the cravings of the heart could define existence.

In search for love

The sun was shining, fresh wind was blowing, the sky was a serene blue but in Ghanashyam Bista’s heart, dark clouds hung.

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