Fiction Park

Universe in her eyes

I run to my best friend Sai's house, hoping he will sense my presence or at least my spirit. It turns out he already graduated from school and moved out of town.

The benevolence of an illiterate tailor

Suk Bahadur was deprived of education as his family could not afford school. So, when he grew up, he ensured no other child in the area would go through the same thing.

The doomed bookstore

Everyone expected Hari to pursue a career in medicine or a similar field, but his true passion was to establish a bookstore.

At Indrawati’s expense

Whenever Raju thought about the cherished moments, his awareness slowly drifted to the derelict village of Ghachok, where his wife toiled to pursue their dreams.

An old friend

While contemplating heading to Sundhara to book a room in a lodge, Pawan recalled his friend Sukrant, who had moved from Itahari to Kathmandu years ago.

The lottery ticket

Amir couldn’t stop himself and kept spending money on the lottery, convinced that it would all be worth it when he finally won.

Learning the city way

Sitting cross-legged on the grass and holding each other’s hands, both Raju and Rukmini lost track of time.

The corrupt king

The bells of peace turned silent and the kingdom, formerly bubbling with happiness and tranquillity, was thrown into chaos.

A day out in Pame

Rukmini had everything Raju wished to achieve in his life. He had the family she always wanted.

Quest for life

Shyam, miles away from home, in the bustling streets of Texas, felt his world come to a sudden stop when he heard the news of his mother’s sudden illness.

Threads of hope

Rukmini was going through a rough patch until, one day, a stocky man stepped onto her pavement, searching for a job to keep his life going in the city of riches.

The anthropomorphic book

I wish I could scream and flap my pages, urging them to give me a chance. Instead, I am stuck on my shelf, waiting and watching as more people pass me by.

The servant’s entry

Raju, hailing from the countryside, had no prior acquaintances in the city until he befriended a resourceful fruit vendor.

Spit and tell

In the middle of the ride, the woman turned towards the window and spat, which, although quite inappropriate, is perfectly normal in Nepal, where all sorts of rights are sought for and entertained.

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