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Going down memory lane

What difference is there then between what I remember and what I imagine, and can I imagine what I cannot verify and still sincerely consider it as the truth?

The forbidden forest

When he was done, he looked at the winding road. Something inside him stirred. A strange, mysterious sensation was pulling him towards the road.

The porter

Anderson started calling out his wife’s name hysterically, but no one was there to help him. He was convinced the porter took off with his belongings and something horrible had happened to his wife.

The long wait

Gyan Kumari could not make much of Gauri, for she didn't speak much, but her eyes held a deep sadness.

A voyage through time

Although he had walked this road daily for a year, today he was conscious of a strange change. His instincts were screaming at him. Holding his breath, he paused and looked around.

End of an era

As the birds would come back to their nests, Nancy and her Amma would sit under the banyan tree. And Amma would tell her the story of a myna bird.

A sleepless night

The rain was getting heavier followed by the hailstorm. Despite the turmoil in the background, Krishna was lost in silence


She called herself an antaryami, the one who knows things not known to anyone else, the one who can predict the future.

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