Fiction Park

Delayed goodbye

After moving to Kathmandu, his parents visited the village every year, but Yuvraj never went with them.

Deciphering destiny

Days were made of violence and quarrels in their home. Yet, the children grew in the shade of their mother’s love.

Life is beautiful

Beyond the cliff was several hundred feet drop to a sea of green paddy fields. Surviving such a steep drop was highly unlikely.

A tale of a book thief

esh’s memory drifted back to that April evening, when he was his son’s age. The incident’s memory was like an unforgiving mouse trap that caged him every time his mind drifted there.

Timeless love

It was 2005 BS. After seven days of walking my grandfather finally said, “We are now in Kathmandu.” He was in his late sixties, but he didn’t look his age.

Clamouring through the same pain

Everyday she wakes up she motivates herself to do better, to fly high. She searches for happiness, satisfaction, but finally ends up stuck with ridiculous emotions which never let her go.

Monika and her hug

I cried a lot that night. I truly thought he was the one. I thought a lot about our times together. I didn't know when I fell asleep.

A walk in the moonless night

In the valley of desperation, lived a man neck deep in debt Tomorrow was the day he was going to lose everything

Offer me a red rose

The clock tower rings seven bells. Aama must be waiting at the dining table for me, I think. I pack up, put a few files into my bag and leave the office. The guard jots down the time in the register. I walk to Ringroad, and wait for the bus to Koteshwor.

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