Fiction Park

My Muse, Rajesh

He doesn’t seem to be lost in the longings and aches of yesterdays nor does he seem worried about what tomorrow might bring.

Unexpected News

Rajiv sat in utter disbelief, shocked and stoned. He did not utter a word. He took his car keys and rushed towards the parking lot.

The great detective

The great detective, his hands clasped behind the back, stepped into the premises of Naxal park. He wore a large fedora hat and had a pipe sticking from the corner of his mouth. He scanned the park.

Reliving life in a fraction of a second

Whenever I used to carry my daughter in my arms, I used to think “Is there anything in this universe more beautiful than this?” My daughter cultivated an eternity of love within me. My life was full of bliss before, all of sudden, I blew everything off.

Delayed goodbye

After moving to Kathmandu, his parents visited the village every year, but Yuvraj never went with them.

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