Fiction Park

On shuffle

A few years older, and I would be part of the Walkman generation. But the iPod shuffle was the best matchmaker for my rather passive pursuit of the right melody.

Fire and smokes

After electric crematoriums were installed at Pashupati Ghat, the income of cremators like Jiban was gravely affected.

An encounter

I kept seeing a pair of fiery red eyes following us around as we traversed through the jungle.

On the outskirts

Had this been in Kathmandu, I would have thought it was a weekend, mistaking the laid-back steps of country life for Saturday lethargy.

The red cap

Sita wipes the tears from her eyes and says, ‘Dilu! Where were you lost for so many years? I have been waiting for you.’

The man without ears

I could hear something breathing heavily, maybe an animal. ‘Roll up the windows,’ the man said, his voice barely above a whisper. I fumbled for the button, my hands shaking.

For the love of politics

When Mr Pandey spoke, even the street vendors would pause and stare as if his wisdom would resolve all of their problems.

A fistful of chamomile

Boju accepted my flowers, lovingly took me in her arms, smiled and said, “Nati…my dear nati. You are my favourite person in the whole wide world.”

Mirror to the soul

Unlike Ranveer, Stuti was not engulfed by the shadows hidden in the mirror. She held her ground and broke free from the mirror’s hold.

The man in black

No one else knew where he went or what he found. The identity of the man, like the secrets he guards, will remain a mystery until the day he dies

Entangled illusions

Sometimes Jivan wondered how inappropriate it was to adore a woman who was already married, but he couldn’t control how he felt about Mrs Joshi.

Fighting and forgiving

One evening, as I was walking, I saw Shaurya ahead of me with a woman. He ran towards me as soon as he saw me. His legs were fine by now but his face was not.

The rodent uprising

In the dead of night, the rats could be seen darting around the streets, their bright eyes cutting through the shadows.

The Cold Tomb

The chamber was filled with rows upon rows of stone coffins, each one sealed tight with an ancient lock.

The first date

All my nervousness over the date dissipated the moment we held each other’s hands.

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