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What happens when you get on the wrong side of moody person? You feel their wrath!

The empty chair

We both looked at each other, and there was a spark. Looking at him felt like being hit by the first drops of monsoon.


Pramod finally returns to his village after the death of his parents. What happens next, changes him as a person.

The tourist

The wounded man was tall and carrying him was tough, but the boys managed it because it was a matter of life and death.

The hero

Kamal, who had gone to the US for his higher studies, has come back home. Now he is determined to make it a better place.

Unrequited love

Summer turned to spring, and then to winter, but Pramod remained the same, studious and reserved. But one day that all changed.

Fear of the unknown

Ravi is worried that his wife Sweta is getting mentally ill. To ensure she gets better, he takes her to a psychiatric in Varanasi.

Dealing with loss

On this side of the bridge, people were singing hymns; on the other side, there was wailing. It was just so difficult, how a tiny bridge separated two completely different worlds and emotions.

An Ordinary Life

Monotony hung in the air; a sense of routine oozed out of our white shirts and brown coats and exhaustion radiated from our dead eyes.

A pleasant surprise

That evening, Riya was working late to finish a proposal for an important project. It was already 8 pm, but Riya had promised not to leave until she was done with her work.

My Muse, Rajesh

He doesn’t seem to be lost in the longings and aches of yesterdays nor does he seem worried about what tomorrow might bring.

Unexpected News

Rajiv sat in utter disbelief, shocked and stoned. He did not utter a word. He took his car keys and rushed towards the parking lot.

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