Fiction Park

An escape into Shangri-La

Christo was exhilarated by the thought of being considered eccentric. He had come to Nepal to experience and observe, not to seek comfort.

The museum of airborne dreams

I reached out, and in a breath, I was transported to another place of existence entirely, a realm far beyond the mundane purgatory of the Tribhuvan International Airport.

The alluring stranger

As the night unfolds, I discover more about Maya. She shares her adventures, her aspirations to defy societal norms, and embracing life to the fullest.

A promise of new beginning

With a baby on the horizon and a foreign land as her new reality, Kamana faced the daunting question of her place in this brave new world.

Freeing up the storeroom

After the moving out of his children, Nhuchhe Man spends his old age on the sixth floor of his house, caring for his ailing wife, Motimaya.

A walk to Basundhara Park

Surya Kumar’s knees were recently operated on, which confined him in his room. However, one morning, he decided to take a walk.

You talk like a book

There’s a hint of blueness in the sky that reminds me of her. The street is crowded and I look for her face in the crowd—hoping she would emerge like spring emerges as winter dies away.

Mockery of an examination

When the supervisor walked in, students would hide their notes and pretend to be good examinees. Sanumaya couldn’t believe the absurdity.

A festive Lakeside

As a host, I was supposed to guide my guests through the city, take them to places they had only read about—and recommend foods that would appeal to their taste buds.

Universe in her eyes

I run to my best friend Sai's house, hoping he will sense my presence or at least my spirit. It turns out he already graduated from school and moved out of town.

The benevolence of an illiterate tailor

Suk Bahadur was deprived of education as his family could not afford school. So, when he grew up, he ensured no other child in the area would go through the same thing.

The doomed bookstore

Everyone expected Hari to pursue a career in medicine or a similar field, but his true passion was to establish a bookstore.

At Indrawati’s expense

Whenever Raju thought about the cherished moments, his awareness slowly drifted to the derelict village of Ghachok, where his wife toiled to pursue their dreams.

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