Fiction Park

The house call

Police constable Shankar Chettri thought he had seen it all until he received a late-night distress call.

The phone call

When Shankar Chettri answered the phone from Sheela, little did he know that things would take a strange turn.

Will you, my dear son?

Chandramaya, who never went to school, wanted her only son, Bishal, to study abroad and lead a successful life.


It seems that my fate has bartered my sleep with my troubles, and I do not see any profit in this deal.

Towards the city

It was beginning to dawn on Krishna that the idea of borrowing money was terrible, but he had no other choice than to borrow money.

Floods and stories

In the alleyways of Patan, the houses are pressed against each other like books on a bookshelf. Things keep breaking and stories keep spilling.

A father’s sacrifices

After his wife’s death, Tirtha refused to remarry and decided to raise his young children on his own.

Strange love

What started out as a friendship between Raman and Nita quickly turned into love.

I had a dream

The streets are full of mad dogs and smothering dandelions, blood-thirsty coyotes and lecherous humans-turned-monsters.

The ropeway

How a young girl fought against all odds to reach a position to help others like her.

The young widow

Like everyone else, Menuka wanted to lead a happy life but fate had different plans for her.

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