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The museum of airborne dreams

I reached out, and in a breath, I was transported to another place of existence entirely, a realm far beyond the mundane purgatory of the Tribhuvan International Airport.

A promise of new beginning

With a baby on the horizon and a foreign land as her new reality, Kamana faced the daunting question of her place in this brave new world.

The lottery ticket

Amir couldn’t stop himself and kept spending money on the lottery, convinced that it would all be worth it when he finally won.

The corrupt king

The bells of peace turned silent and the kingdom, formerly bubbling with happiness and tranquillity, was thrown into chaos.

The anthropomorphic book

I wish I could scream and flap my pages, urging them to give me a chance. Instead, I am stuck on my shelf, waiting and watching as more people pass me by.

My time with Kale

He was a good dog. I learned a lot from him, especially through his loyalty and kindness to our family. His friendship was truer than today’s so-called ‘Facebook friends’

The darkest of aftermaths

Out of my father’s thousands of great experiments, one small one was on how to stop earthquakes from occurring. He never published his findings in any reputed scientific journals of his time

The Orphan House

I am just thinking some random thoughts, and these thoughts might not be very appealing to the viewers or readers. You know what they tell you in Painter Uncle’s rule book—that your art must

A road block

With strict rules and digital solutions, we could cut down on road fatalities and traffic jams

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