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A lesson in teaching

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) was formed with the joint work of the Education Act 2028 and Laws of Education 2058. Its main aim is to recruit teachers that are proficient, capable and hardworking.

Thank you, brother

I have been fond of chips from my childhood. Nevertheless, I didn’t often get to have them since my parents considered them to be junk food. When I was in high school, I had to become first in my class to have a packet of chips. I still remember the days when we would go to get the results, and if I came first, mom would buy me a big packet of chips along with some sour candy which is called ‘paun’ in Nepali. Chips have always been special for me.

Postplatform: Anything but God

In the past, people used to have faith in God but now the place of God has been taken by science. People try to seek scientific reason for everything that happens.

Be what you want to be

Have you ever been afraid of making a choice and following your dreams, and have instead stepped back for the sake of other’s feelings? I have done that many times.

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