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The (re)cycle of waste

Every morning at nine, pick-up vans carrying dry waste make their way to an open space at Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur, to dump their collection for the day. Although the space is filled with mountains of solid waste, including paper products, metals, plastics, glass and e-waste, it is not a typical landfill site but rather a warehouse for Doko Recyclers, a private waste management startup.

No fear Holi

Up until a few years ago, many in Kathmandu, especially women, were afraid of Holi. Venturing out onto the streets even a week before festival day could invite a barrage of water balloons. No one was spared, neither those going to work nor students. Women, especially, were unwitting targets, often harassed and molested under the guise of throwing balloons or smearing colour. But lately, things have changed.

A tribute to memory

Our memories arise out of our interaction with others—people, places and relations So it is human nature to hold on to family attachments, kinship bonds and social networks

From trash to treasure

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so goes the old adage, but two women—Ojaswi Baidya and Loonibha Manandhar—seem to have taken this saying to heart. They are co-founders of Tyre Treasure, a company that turns old, used tyres from cars, trucks and buses into recycled furniture.

Get a brand new phone by chucking your old one

Sapana Khadka didn’t know what to do with her old Nokia E63, a clunky brick of a phone that was somewhere in between a no-frills handset and a smartphone. It had lain neglected in her drawer for months before she came across an outlandish event that was perfectly suited to her Nokia E63.

In Kathmandu, performance poetry is exploding

Yukta Bajracharya’s work aligns itself with contemporary forms of poetry—from ones filled with angst and romance to others that connect with the tribulations and emotions that today’s youth, especially women, face.

Plants for the careless

In an increasingly drab concrete city, plants can provide colour, vibrancy and life. Even indoors, plants can act as vibrant catalysts that provide a natural touch to any dreary environment.

Bhakka for breakfast

The combination of sugary dish paired with savoury seasonings may not sound appealing to many. But bhakka, a snack originated from eastern Nepal, delicately blends sweet with a side of salt and crushed chili powder, bringing a rather zesty punch in every bite.

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