Kul Chandra Gautam

Gautam is a former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN and Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF.

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A lifetime devoted to healing

Dr Bhagwan Koirala’s autobiography, ‘Hridaya’, serves as a testament to his commitment to healthcare reform and his dream project, the Kathmandu Institute of Child Health (KIOCH), aimed at providing world-class medical care to Nepal’s children.

Trekking towards modernity

In 1959, I returned home from Banaras to Amarpur. While I was there, one of my step-uncles, Baburam Aryal, came to visit. He was working in Kathmandu as a clerk in the secretariat office of Nepal’s first elected parliament and I had long conversations with him about my education and experiences in Banaras, what he was doing in Nepal’s civil service and what life was like in Kathmandu.

A Window into Madhes-Pahad Relations

For those of us baffled by the dynamics of Madhes-Pahad relations in Nepal in recent decades, journalist Girish Giri’s book Birgunj: Mero Saharko Katha provides a balanced, first-hand perspective by someone of a Pahadi stock but with deep roots in Madhes.

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