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Dipesh Khatiwada is Deputy Coordinator at National Desk. Before joining the Post in 2015, he spent four years at News 24 Television as a news reporter, primarily covering the security and crime.

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A longing to return home, in safety and dignity

When the government of Bhutan expelled tens of thousands of its Nepali-speaking Lhotshampa population in 1991, branding them as “illegal settlers”, they fled to Nepal in hordes. Purna Bahadur Limbu was among those who crossed into Nepal via India with which Bhutan shared a poorly defined and largely unpatrolled border.

All aboard

Every time Captain Bed Upreti landed at the Tribhuwan International Airport, he would notice an Airbus 330 that had become a part of the furniture at the already crowded tarmac of the only international airport of Nepal. On March 2015, the jet had skidded off the runaway, and halted all international flights to the country for four days.

A mayoral history of Kathmandu

The last time Kathmandu elected a mayor to head the city was almost two decades ago—when Keshav Sthapit was elected as mayor, and Bidur Mainali the deputy mayor.

Occupational hazard

Standing under a traffic light at Thapathali, Diwani Chaudhary is directing the office-hour traffic, manually. The Thapathali traffic light systems is one of the 365 placed at various junctions in the Capital. It is not one of the five that are still operational.

Year Ender 2016: Build Back Right

With concerns over the lowest-bidder tender system and disregard for traditional building methods, locals remain wary about the haphazard reconstruction of heritage sites in the Valley

Heritage reconstruction yet to gather pace

Although the reconstruction of Boudhanath Stupa, one of the World Heritage Sites, has been completed as a result of the initiative taken by the Boudhanath Area Development Committee (BADC), reconstruction of other heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley has been delayed by almost a year.

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