A longing to return home, in safety and dignity

When the government of Bhutan expelled tens of thousands of its Nepali-speaking Lhotshampa population in 1991, branding them as “illegal settlers”, they fled to Nepal in hordes. Purna Bahadur Limbu was among those who crossed into Nepal via India with which Bhutan shared a poorly defined and largely unpatrolled border.A longing to return home, in safety and dignity
Dipesh Khatiwada & Arjun Rajbanshi
Published at : April 7, 2019
Updated at : April 7, 2019 20:33

Dipesh Khatiwada

Dipesh Khatiwada is Deputy Coordinator at National Desk. Before joining the Post in 2015, he spent four years at News 24 Television as a news reporter, primarily covering the security and crime.

Arjun Rajbanshi

Arjun Rajbanshi is the Jhapa correspondent for Kantipur Publications.