Anish Regmi

Anish Regmi is a photojournalist for The Kathmandu Post, focusing on political and social issues. Before joining the Post in 2017, he spent four years at various national dailies and online news portals covering political and social issues.

Latest from Anish Regmi

Singha Durbar: Where expensive cars go to die

Singha Durbar, the major administrative hub of the country, is converting into a junkyard of old and abandoned government vehicles. Almost every ministry premises inside the government complex has at least one vehicle that’s been left unused for a prolonged period.

Flower Power

During Tihar, long, bulbous garlands of marigolds hang from the eaves of roofs and the arches of doorways. They are wreathed around images of gods and goddesses and depending on what day it is, they adorn dogs, cows, oxen and humans. These flowers bring fragrance, light and aesthetics to Tihar.

Local goat-farming investments surge

Sindhupalchok district is witnessing a new wave of investments in goat farming, as locals are keenly capitalising on the growing demand for goat meat, which reaps excellent returns. The district’s locals have been switching to investing in goat farming disregarding jobs in other sectors, such as farming and foreign employment.

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