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A triad of cinematic delights

The Post brings to you reviews of three films screened at this year’s Nepal International Film Festival: ‘Bulaki’ (Nepal), ‘She Wins’ (Poland) and ‘Everything is Nothing’ (Bangladesh). A triad of cinematic delights
Surakshya Pant as Hira in a scene from the film. Screengrab via YouTube
Manushree Mahat, Anish Ghimire & Aarati Ray
Published at : March 23, 2024
Updated at : March 23, 2024 11:31

Manushree Mahat

Manushree Mahat is a reporter at The Kathmandu Post covering social issues. Before moving to the social beat, Mahat was an intern covering culture and lifestyle for the Post.

Anish Ghimire

Ghimire is a Culture and Lifestyle reporter. He is also the author of 'A Walk Away From Home' and 'The Stardust In Us'.

Aarati Ray

Ray is a Culture and Lifestyle intern at the Post. She is passionate about intertwining journalism and literature to amplify diverse voices through storytelling and highlight human stories of inclusivity, marginalised voices, human rights, and social justice.