Tri Ratna Manandhar

Manandhar is a former director-general of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

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The forgotten aviator

That was my first encounter with Captain Hardy Furer. He served Nepali air transport for many years during a time when aviation infrastructure was at its initial phase. He loved Nepal very much.

To the rescue

It was July of 1993 and the rains would not stop. Torrential rain for several days led to a flood the kinds Kathmandu had never seen before, or since. The raging waters washed away the roads and bridges connecting the Kathmandu Valley to the rest of Nepal, virtually isolating the Capital. The only possible connection was through the air, not just for immediate rescue and relief operations, but also the supply of essential goods.

Let the probe panel decide

While the aviation community has plunged into grief following the crash of US-Bangla Flight 211 at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on March 12 which killed 49 people, speculations and immature conclusions have appeared on the media and social networks.

Taking wing

The removal of the Turkish Airlines aircraft from TIA was conducted perfectly, honestly, and professionally

Safe landing

Despite little formal training, the air traffic controller at TIA was once forced to use radar vectoring to save an aircraft

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