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Writing about art

There are many different ways of appreciating a work of art. One may choose to let it remain mysterious and glean from it what one may—perhaps discovering new things with passing time, appre

Getting art out there

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Art Market is the ease that people feel as they browse through the wide range of sellers

Rebuilding Sustainably

It has been six weeks or so since the first earthquake, and while relief efforts are slowly winding down from the frenetic

Birendra Pratap Singh A Master Artist

Singh’s skill in his preferred medium of pen and ink is apparent in the range of his work available for everyone to see, for a month, at the Nepal Art Council in Babarmahal

Why we need the arts in our schools

There is an enormous lack of access to learning on any subject outside of the strict, very narrow textbooks that most children, even in the Valley, have access to via their schools

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