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Scam reveals bad loan ‘evergreening’ practice

Haphazard credit disbursement that created irreparable holes in the balance sheet of erstwhile Apex Development Bank has exposed long-suspected counterintuitive practice of ‘evergreening’ of bad loans in the banking sector, which could contaminate and even bring down the entire financial sector.

Govt officials make a mockery of federalism

After Nepal officially made a shift from unitary to federal government system, politicians and bureaucrats rushed to proclaim that authorities, including decision-making powers, would finally be devolved from Singha Durbar, the central administrative secretariat, to provinces and local bodies.

An audacious salesman

Binod Chaudhary probably does not need any introduction in Nepal. Better known as the first and the only Nepali to be featured in the Forbes billionaire list, Chaudhary’s bittersweet journey and success story, chronicled in his memoir, has inspired many in Nepal and beyond.

Economic challenges facing new govt

Nepalis’ quest for a stable government, which remained a wishful thinking for quite a long time, has finally come to an end with KP Sharma Oli assuming the prime minister’s seat on Thursday.

Is there urge to merge?

Did the central bank make a mistake by not pushing for merger of banks and financial institutions when recapitalisation process began in the banking sector two-and-a-half years ago?

Govt to come to aid of cash-strapped banks

The Ministry of Finance (MoF), in coordination with the central bank, will formally introduce a short-term policy next week to ease the pressure on banks and financial institutions that are facing severe shortage of funds that could be immediately disbursed as loans.

Is one bank posing threat to banking system?

One particular commercial bank is giving well-established financial institutions, like Nabil, Nepal Investment and Himalayan, a run for their money, as it has adopted aggressive strategies to expand its deposit and credit portfolios.

The risk taker

One day in 1991, two 17-year-old boys visited the secretariat of the National Planning Commission (NPC) to meet with its vice chairman, Ram Sharan Mahat. Mahat, who later went on to become the Finance Minister six times over and is now a senior leader of the Nepali Congress, still remembers the meeting, during which the two had asked him to grant them scholarships to pursue further studies.

Sumargi may have formed shell company to cleanse dirty money

Controversial businessman Ajeya Raj Sumargi may have formed a shell company called Zhodar Investments Limited in the British Virgin Islands to transfer billions of rupees, amassed through illegal means, to Nepal. This has raised the spectre of the country becoming a breeding ground for financial crime such as money laundering.

29 out of 100 people poor

Around 29 out of every 100 people living in Nepal are poor, with Province 2 hosting the largest number of poverty-stricken people in the country, a latest report of the National Planning Commission (NPC) says.

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