Prajesh SJB Rana

Prajesh SJB Rana is the tech geek at M&S VMAG. He writes about all things tech but likes to dabble in writing feature stories as well. Apart from tech, he likes gaming and also writes game reviews for the magazine. 

Latest from Prajesh SJB Rana

Why aren’t there more women in IT?

When Nhasala Joshi joined the Advanced College of Engineering and Management in Kupondole, she was the only woman in her Electronics Engineering class. Later, as the semester progressed, the number of women grew to three, still a heavily lopsided gender ratio.

The Ghosts of Our Past

I know why I became famous, and it had nothing to do with my content and everything to do with how I looked. I was catering to a demographic of old geezers looking to get it off to a young teenager

Can the internet be policed?

In Nepal, the decade-old Electronic Transaction Act (ETA), enacted in 2006, was formed when the internet was not as widespread as it is today and fails to take into account many contemporary web security and privacy issues.

The scent of lavender

And just like the wind, she disappeared. She stopped answering her phone, she stopped replying to my messages and she stopped sending me the literary letters she liked writing so much.

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