Mohan Guragain

Mohan Guragain is a desk editor at The Kathmandu Post. He edited a provincial youth-oriented monthly paper for nearly two years before joining The Himalayan Times in 2008. Guragain also writes occasionally on politics and socio-economic issues. He joined the Post in 2010.

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Sorting electricity

Nepal is poised to produce surplus electricity in a few months, but there are still a few wrinkles the country needs to iron out.

Desperation and diversity

The east-west tour led by Naya Shakti coordinator and former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai across Nepal’s mid-hills has brought to light, once again, the plight of the people living across the country’s largest geographical region.

The rise of a strongman

Referring to the sweeping authority that the parliament reinstated after the 2006 people’s movement wielded, to strip the king of all his historic and constitutional powers, people often said in jest that Nepal’s legislature was unable to do only one thing—to make the rivers flow upstream.

The things we throw away

Waste is a sign of prosperity—the more you earn, the more you dump. It is only the wealthy that throw things away, the poor have little to discard. This rag, that piece of wood, a length of pipe, crooked nails, lids of jars—they could all be of some use some day.

Wake up and smell the jamun

Kathmandu sets numerous national records in Nepal. It is the biggest city of the country, most populated and most polluted. As the country’s largest metropolis, its population composition is also hugely diverse. Furthermore, as the Valley holds much of the country’s wealth, it is Nepal’s biggest market.

The thin blue line

Wednesday was special. It was late in the evening when I read the news reports of a couple from the far-western district of Kanchanpur, wandering in Kathmandu in search of justice for their 13-year-old daughter who had been raped and murdered nearly two months ago.

The masque of anarchy

Qatar and Malaysia are the two foremost destinations for migrant workers from my village, Myanglung in Tehrathum. The tropical, peninsular country of Malaysia and the desert nation of Qatar have starkly different environments and are not of commensurable sizes.

Governance in the age of social media

I don’t suppose I have addictive food habits but I am compulsive about consuming information. As a journalist, I’m always on the lookout for new information, especially events and happenings. Even when all other sources are exhausted, social media pages never run out of information. Day in and day out, I scroll through timelines in my quest to find new ideas and perspectives.

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