Deepak Thapa

Deepak Thapa has been a fortnightly columnist with The Kathmandu Post since 2009, writing on a range of topical social and political issues.

Latest from Deepak Thapa

Is Oli lying or clueless?

Anyone who has heard the prime minister's speeches knows he always attempts to qualify his words with a veneer of what he thinks is science.

Skirting the issue

On paper, Nepal has made some important strides towards gender equality and inclusion. Yet, in reality, the situation is far from perfect.

A failure of leadership

One cannot help but believe that our country’s leadership is also badly afflicted by the ‘great man’s disease’.

Out to lunch

The world is witnessing a pandemic but governments everywhere have failed to live up to the challenge.

A name to conjure with

The naming of places is no longer the prerogative of the state. Local units are choosing what they want to be called.

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