Deepak Thapa

Deepak Thapa has been a fortnightly columnist with The Kathmandu Post since 2009, writing on a range of topical social and political issues.

Latest from Deepak Thapa

Armed and unrestrained

Having wrangled concessions from a pliant civilian leadership to venture into business, the army’s professionalism cannot but be compromised.

Dumping federalism

The discriminatory immigration rule targeting women only reflects the values of an illiberal, ethnonationalist federal government.

Oli’s legacy of shame

KP Oli put Nepal’s young democracy to the test, and the political class helped him by sticking to their self interests.

Language jingoism

The selective outrage of ruling party leaders on the use of English terms and letters shows their hypocrisy.

Good riddance

Four years of the Trump administration has done enough damage, but the Nepali Trump ploughs on.

Our broken politics

A leopard never changes its spots, and our political leaders have shown a similar inability to change.

The Plague redux

Albert Camus’ novel from 1947 provides a peek into the absurdity of human behaviour and the inherent failure of authority when faced with a disease crisis.

How to spot a genius

Nepotism and favouritism have been the bane of Nepali polity for centuries. It is not going away any time soon.

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