Barsha Chitrakar

Chitrakar is an architect and urban planner.

Latest from Barsha Chitrakar

Wrecking ball

When the 2015 earthquake badly damaged our 100-year-old brick-mud-mortar home in Patan, we initially moved to knock it down and replace it with a concrete matchbox structure.

The water fiesta

The times some women are compelled to spend on queues filling their empty vessels with water, while hoping of Melamchi all along

In my deathbed

After I’m gone, there will be a vacant bed, a vacant wardrobe. But they will soon be filled up with another sleeping line and books and accessories

Soothing Symphonies

He would have gone to the doctor that very moment had he not been playing that night. But he was the only harmonium player they had, and he could never refuse playing for them, for the Godde

The Cleaning Man

Maybe, I thought, he would look at them and wonder about the invisible paths up in the air that would take him to the lush green, to the valleys where he walked up and down all the time. He

Autumn leaves

Every time the seconds hand reaches the dent, motion for two seconds. I find it amusing, the stopping of time, or so I like to think

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